How my daughter came to study in UK and it was cheaper than in USA (Part 1)

Last year, whilst on a vacation exploring England, we stayed near the University of Falmouth for a week. We drove past the university more than a few times and at one point I said “I bet it would be nice to go to college there”, not knowing that a year later my daughter would be studying for a degree in teaching at York St. John’s University in York England, and having a blast.

I need to mention that I am from the UK and have been living in the US for over twenty years. Both myself and my wife attended college in England so we have some experience of what it is like to live and study in the UK. This might have given me a little advantage on understanding the application process but it is certainly not out of the reach of anyone, and the colleges are really helpful as they deal with international students every day.

Returning back to US after our vacation, and with my daughter starting to look at US colleges I suggested that she should try applying to the UK if she wanted, but would also have to apply to US colleges at the same time as a backup. She jumped at the chance.

Over the next few blog posts I will be providing more information on topic such as Loans, FAFSA and researching colleges.  It might seem like a lot of reading and a lot of work to make it happen but bear with me, it is worth the journey.  Links to other posts are below:



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