SimpleTV Kickstarter

Over the years I have only backed a couple of Kickstarter projects.  This is the SimpleTV device and the recent $9 CHIP computer.  Since the CHIP has not yet been delivered, but is coming soon,  I thought I would give you a little write up on SimpleTV.

For those of you who have not heard of the device (which is many) you can see the Kickstarter campaign here.

If after reading the blurb you are still not sure what you are getting, here it is in a nut shell.

Want to cut the cable/satellite cord….but what about the loved DVR for recording shows?  SimpleTV is synonymous with OTA (Over The Air) broadcasts as DVR is to cable TV shows.  It is basically a DVR for OTA broadcasts.

I have had the device for the last 3 years and although it has some quirks it is a marvelous device, although a little expensive.

Here is how I use it:

  1. SimpleTV is connected to the antenna on my roof.  I had a brilliant idea when I got rid of the satellite dish…I left the mount (connected to the roof) and removed the dish part.  I bought an antenna which attached direct to the mount with “U” bolts and the original UHF cable that ran from the dish into the house was plugged into the antenna.  No running extra antenna cable.
  2. SimpleTV is connected to my wireless router (cat5 cable) so that it can be found on my home network.
  3. Bought a USB 1 Terra Byte WD (Western Digital) drive from Wallmart and plugged it in.
  4. I have a Roku and SimpleTV has a Roku channel that can be used to browse, playback and schedule recordings.  I can also use the website do the same on tablets, phones and PC’s.

One handy feature is that because your simpleTV is exposed on the internet, you can see your recordings and watch them anywhere in the world.

I love it.

I do have 2 complaints which are all around the Roku channel.  First, the nice TV guide shown on the website is not available on the Roku which makes scheduling shows a little tricky.  You are supposed to search for a show, but it seems a little rough around the edges and does not find some shows.

Second, I have a show that I cannot delete no matter what I do.  It was recorded a couple of years ago and a year or so ago some maintenance was done at SimpleTV and since then the show simply will never go away.






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