Cutting the cord EPG – Getting the SSD1306/SH1106 OLED working with ESP8266 (part 4)

As you can see I got the OLED display working.

Now that I have the board working…at least with the blink test.  Time to do something more adventurous.  I have an 1.3″ SSD1306 OLED that I want to connect to prove out that the SPI from the HUZZAH board works and that the SPI library works.  If you have not used a SSD1306/SH1106 driven OLED before then below is a schematic that I put together.

OLED Schematic

Notice that unlike the datasheets you will find for the OLED I have removed many of the external parts to the point where it still functions.

You can see the SPI connections CS, RES, DC, SCK and MOSI.  These are the connections I will be making to the HUZZAH board.

I wanted to see if I could get the Adafruit GFX library working on this chip and fortunately someone else has already done the work for me.  Somhi has already modified the Adafruit_SSD1306 to run on the ESP8266.  Download this library from GitHub and install it into the Arduino library.  It uses the hardware SPI of the HUZZAH board.  SomhI has provided an example Arduino sketch that you can compile and test.

The ESP_SSD1306 library shows the following pin connections:

// Pin definitions
GPIO12   MISO (DIN) - not connected
GPIO15   CS - Chip select
GPIO2    DC - DC digital signal
GPI016   RESET - Reset digital signal

Below are connections if you were to use the SSD1306 OLED display from Adafruit.


Next blog will be about retrieving the EPG from the web.  This could take a while as there are a number of options…some you pay for (not really what I want) and some for free but have problems.


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