Cutting the cord EPG – experimenting with the ESP8266 (part 3)

I received my HUZZAH ESP8266 breakout board and went to work with the Adafruit tutoral. I had a FTDI Friend board laying around from previous projects.  If you do not have one it can be purchased from Adafruit also.

Below is my setup.


One thing that excited my about LUA was the builtin u8glib library.  I uploaded the example code u8glib sample code (on my box at C:\Espressif\examples\nodemcu-firmware\lua_examples\u8glib) provided and tried to run it.  “not enough memory” was echoed back.  Seems LUA is memory hungry.  I built a custom NodeMCU removing some of the libraries I did not need but that did not help either. Time to move on to setting up the Arduino IDE for ESP8266.  Instructions can be found here.

I downloaded a newer version of Arduino IDE and ran the simple blink test from the tutorial.  You have to remember the sequence of button presses when flashing of the ESP.

  1. Hold down the GPIO0 button, the red LED will be lit
  2. While holding down GPIO0, click the RESET button
  3. When you release the RESET button, the red LED will be lit dimly, this means its ready to bootload

Buttons are pretty small and hard to reach with the FTDI plugged in so I had to use two BIC pens to help.

Hey presto the led blinked.  I was up and running.

Next I am going to take a look at connecting an SSD1306 OLED display and get that working.


One thought on “Cutting the cord EPG – experimenting with the ESP8266 (part 3)

  1. Hi there! I have an ESP8266 module, a 3.3V voltage regulator (LM1117V33) and a logic level converter built using MOSFETs. I can’t get it working with the Arduino UNO though… 😦

    I don’t have the FTDI, so I can’t try out your approach…good luck with the display though!

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