Cutting the cord EPG – project overview (part 1)

What am I doing and why? Many years ago I cut the cable and we only have streaming services and OTA (Over The Air) broadcasts.  I love the fact that I no longer have cable/satellite bills….but the internet bills are fast catching up (guess AT&T and Time Warner have figured this out.. and a duopoly on the ISP providers does not help promote price competition either).  My venting for the day is done. With cable/satellite you see an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG).  One problem with cutting the cable is finding out what is on the TV (OTA) and what show is coming up next.  There are plenty of web sites that show programming guides,  but when I am watching TV that is the last thing I want to do. What I really need is and EPG display next to the TV showing the current show and what is coming up next.  I need to somehow show the internet based EPG’s on a small display. So here are the basics of what I am looking for:

  1. A programmable device that can connect to the internet and retrieve data.
  2. Small display for output
  3. Powered by USB or small wall wart

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